Evolve Mini
Infrared Sauna


Our Sun Stream Evolve Mini is Small on Footprint but Huge on Performance, the worlds most powerful sauna of its size! The perfect sauna if you are tight on space in your house or apartment, yet comfortable for a one person sauna experience.

Key Highlights

  • 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heat
  • Ultra Low EMF & Industry’s Lowest ELF
  • 100% Hypoallergenic Canadian Hemlock (FSC Certified)
  • Adjustable Infrared Intensity
  • Lifetime Warranty for Residential use
  • Up to 24 months Interest Free Finance Available
  • FREE Delivery Nationwide*

* We offer free delivery to major metropolitan centres and some regional locations. Please contact us to find out if our free delivery applies to your location.

Industry Leading Key Features

360° Degree Infrared Heat

Experience a superior 360° immersion in radiant heat with one of our large 300 watt heaters placed directly in front of your body, the most complete body coverage of all sauna brands, for a faster heavier sweat.

Ultra Low EMF & ELF

Since 2010 Sun Stream Saunas has been on the cutting edge of low EMF heater technology which reduces harmful EMF ‘magnetic fields’ to an average of less than 1mG. Then in the Summer of 2018 our innovative EHS heater and electrical system was further developed to reduce ELF ‘electric fields’ to all new industry low levels making Sun Stream safer than any other brand on the market.

Superior Heater Technology

Sun Streams high watt density nano carbon heater technology has a high emissivity rating due to microscopic ‘nano carbon’ particles which are very efficient at radiating far infrared heat. The health benefits derived are dependent on the amount of infrared heat projected at your body to induce a faster, heavier sweat!


In addition to our industry leading low EMF & ELF heater technology, all Sun Stream Saunas are built entirely from 100% Premium Grade Canadian Hemlock / NO Plywood or Particle board hidden in the roof or floor, and constructed using Titebond water-based Food Safe Glue.


Water Based Exterior Lacquer

The low sheen healthy water based lacquer protects the exterior wood of your sauna while retaining a beautiful natural appearance.

Titebond Non Toxic Glue

Constructed with made in USA ‘Titebond’ water based glue which is approved for contact with food.

LCD Control Panel

Adjust the settings to your liking from inside the sauna as your session progresses.

Adjustable Infrared Intensity

This unique feature allows the user to adjust the Infrared Heat Intensity for different purposes and personal needs.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Connect your mobile device in an instant to enjoy your favourite music on demand! Our Audio Module features RF shielding for your safety.

Kenwood Speakers

2 x Premium 2 way Kenwood speakers are installed to truly enhance your sauna experience!

Removable Floor & Wall Heater Guards

Easy access means you can clean the sweat off our wipeable heaters to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Quick and E-Z Assembly

With our invisible fastening system, installation is quick and easy. Our detailed assembly manuals with professional photography make for a stress free assembly experience.  Download Installation Manual


1 x Supportive Backrest, Sun Stream Towel, Cup Holder, Aromatherapy Unit, Dry skin Lymphatic brush & Sauna Hat.

Built to last, our sauna range comes with a comprehensive Residential Lifetime Warranty.

With any product that has working parts and electrics involved, there is the potential for breakdowns to occur. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have an adequate warranty in place.

The Sun Stream Lifetime Warranty covers heaters, the electronic control system, and the cabinet for major deformations or breakage due to manufacturers defects.

Commercial installations are covered by a 5 year warranty (Terms and conditions apply).



External Dimensions: 825 mm (W) x 890 mm (D) x 1690 mm (H)
Internal Dimensions: 740 mm (W) x 815 mm (D) x 1590 mm (H)

Evolve Mini 1 person infrared sauna

Electrical Specifications

The Evolve Mini plugs into any standard 220-240 Volt wall outlet
1390 Watts @ 240 Volt, 6.04 Amps

Please note, similar to appliances with motors such as washing machines, dryers and fridges, infrared saunas create ground leakage. This helps dissipate electric fields. In some homes (less than 5%) that have switchboards close to capacity with only one to two circuit breakers, introducing an infrared sauna can cause your circuit breaker to trip.  In this instance, replacing the RCD with an additional circuit breaker may be required.

Quick and Easy Assembly

With our invisible fastening system, installation is quick and easy. Our detailed assembly manuals with professional photography make for a stress free assembly experience.  Download Installation Manual

Evolve Mini Small 1 person infrared sauna for home use

Where can I place my sauna?

  • Outdoor placement is possible if completely protected from the weather. Colder climates will affect the warm-up time, for more detailed information see our FAQ page.
  • The Saunas can be placed on carpet, tiles, timber or concrete flooring.
  • The surface the sauna is placed on ideally needs to be perfectly level, however if slightly out, levelling will be required.
  • For the assembly process there needs to be adequate space around the sauna before it’s pushed into place.
  • Clearance required is 3-5cm for the sides and top of the sauna.

Not sure which sauna is right for you?

We know choosing a sauna can be a big decision, and something that can take a lot of time to research, that’s why we’re offering to do all the hard work for you.

Simply let us know which Sun Stream sauna you’re interested in and the competitor’s product you’d like to compare it against, and we’ll do our best to send you an impartial evaluation of the two models.

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I received the sauna yesterday and you guys did a great job with the packaging. I was worried about the glass being ok which it was. Assembling it was simple, good instructions to follow. When it came to using it, I was impressed how quickly it heated it up to 65 degrees. Just got done using again today, feels great.
Deepak S, Luton England
Luton, England
I've finally been able to set up the sauna too. Everything was fine. Without problems on the assembly process, neither on the delivery part, of course. I've taken my first measures (of ELF & EMF), and everything seems to be in order. One super thing also...it really has a much faster warming process and gets higher temperatures than "the other" one. My first Sauna was awesome. I sweat in the first 10 minutes what I use to do in 50min with my last option before yours.
Alex R, Barcelona – Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Russell, thank you so much for your work over the last six weeks. I’m over the moon with my, bucket list, new sauna. Will highly recommend to my friends.
Tim J, Staffordshire, England
Staffordshire, England
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the sauna. We converted our garage and installed the sauna about 6 weeks ago. We absolutely love it. It’s so relaxing and beneficial to us. It was so easy to put together and looks the business.
Garry O, Cheshire England
Cheshire, England
Just thought I’d let you know the sauna is up and I’ve had a quick go in it. Absolutely love it and was very straight forward to put together. Thanks for all your help.
James C, Bath England
Bath England
The sauna is excellent. 8 months on and I am happy to report that all is good and your service and recommendations have been much appreciated.
Paul F, County Durham
County Durham, England
Compared to other leading brands I’ve tested, the Evolve 20 delivers a faster heavier sweat due to its 360 degree Infrared body coverage. It’s also the lowest EMF & ELF sauna I’ve tested. It’s truly exceeded my expectations!
Alex Fergus
I feel the heat is necessary for the dancers. Using the sauna to warm up before a rehearsal, before a treatment or a workout adds to the effectiveness of their overall program that I have set up for them. It’s a great addition to the rehab programs and the maintenance of proper health for the dancers at the National Ballet of Canada.
Paul Papoutsakis
National Ballet of Canada - Certified Althletic Therapist
Toronto ON
...all the heaters measured low EMF. I was very pleased with that finding. In checking other companies where they have advertised that their heaters gave out low EMFs when I put them to the test some were actually over 100 mG. I love how the wooden grids come off to clean the floor heater and wall heaters if they get splashed with sweat. It’s easy for my staff to go in, wipe them off and keep the sauna sanitary.
Dr. Ian Yamane, DC
Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers - Clinic Director
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Healing Power of
Infrared Saunas

Sun Stream Saunas emit far Infrared heat to reduce pain, relax muscles, boost immunity, detox and much more…


Muscle Recovery


Immune System Boost




Heart Health


Skin Benefits


Weight Loss

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