Best home infrared sauna brand in the UK.

From choice of materials to innovative heater technology, every Sun Stream infrared sauna is produced with your health in mind.

The Leading UK Experts for Infrared Saunas.

Sun Stream infrared saunas feature industry first 360º body coverage, ultra low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Electric Field (ELF) heaters, and hypoallergenic Hemlock construction.

Supplying to the UK and Europe

(EU customers – please visit ).

Evolve Mini
1 Person
Our Sun Stream ‘Evolve Mini’ is small on footprint but huge on performance – the world’s most powerful sauna of its size!
Evolve 10
1 Person
The Evolve 10 provides a superior immersion in infrared radiant heat with our industry leading 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve 20
2 Person
Boasting 25% more power (Watts) than most other 2 person saunas, the Evolve 20 features our industry first 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve 30
3 Person
This is a true innovation for Infrared saunas, surrounding you with our 360º ultra low EMF & ELF heaters, for a faster & heavier sweat!

Four reasons that make Sun Stream the first choice for infrared saunas



Our innovative heater technology reduces EMF and ELF to industry low levels, making Sun Stream saunas safer than any other brand on the market.


Superior performance

The most complete body coverage of any sauna brand, our heater placement and 360º technology provides greater immersion in radiant heat.


Lifetime warranty

The Sun Stream range comes with a Residential Lifetime Warranty which includes the heaters, electronic control system, cabinet, and even the light bulbs.


Free delivery

We offer free delivery to the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Please contact us to find out what delivery fee might apply if you live outside of these areas or in Europe. 

Feel the Warmth

from Sun Stream customers’ Trustpilot reviews…


Do not hesitate to deal with this company. They are very professionel, very informative during the proces, and deliver a nice and funktionel product as well.

Date of experience: February 27, 2024

Location: Denmark

Julia Doering

This Sun Stream Sauna is well made, the technology works perfectly and the sauna experience is simply unbeatable!!

Date of experience: March 12, 2024

Location: Germany

Koen De Jaeger

I received my sauna in april 2022 in The Netherlands. No issues. Great product.

Date of experience: August 23, 2022

Location: Netherlands


Great product and service. After much research I decided to purchase the Sunstream Evolve 20 for my wellness studio, we have had the cabin for over a year which is used on a commercial basis and have had no issues, the product and customer service I have received has been exceptional. The sauna is roomy and raises temperature quickly, the added accessories are a bonus. Easy to clean and maintain, and Russel has been on hand with advice and to answer any questions. Highly recommend.

Date of experience: August 23, 2022

Location: United Kingdom

Dainius Kasiulevicius

Kindly was given even bigger discount as my unit was sold out and I needed to way for mine to be manufactured and delivered. And all went out perfect. We are really happy with our souna.

Date of experience: June 19, 2023

Location: United Kingdom


Sun Stream have an amazing team that helped me along the way, were very responsive, and led to a seamless experience.

Date of experience: January 19, 2024

Location: Portugal


After doing some research on IR saunas I ended up choosing a SunStream Evolve 20. It was much better value than some of its competitors. The sales guys were very helpful with any questions I had and didn't push me into making a purchase. I wasn't sure whether to go for the mini the 10 or the 20, but I'm glad I went for the 20. I still use it as a one person sauna but its nice to have extra space if your budget allows for it and your room can accommodate it. Assembly was fairly straight forward but it is a two man job. I am using the sauna pretty much every day and the benefits to me are general relaxation and increased recovery from workouts. Once I turn on the power it is already pretty hot within 15 minutes and then I go in the sauna. I am sweating profusely after 10 minutes...

Date of experience: January 15, 2024

Location: United Kingdom 5

Nick Gurmin

Great communication - prompt, clear and always helpful. Managed to visit a local ‘Health and well-being Centre’ who had recently purchased the Evolve 20 - tried out the sauna and had a really helpful chat with the manager. Great experience and all positive. Installation was fine but definitely needed two people as some parts are quite heavy. Have been using it regularly now for a few weeks and really happy with everything.

Date of experience: June 19, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

Si Chai

This is a proper decent sauna. Have had mine for just over 3 years now... use it on average five times a week and its never let me down.

I like it as hot as it can get and it does take about 45 minutes to get to its top heat... on a good day i can manage 15 to 20 minutes in one sitting.. 25 pretty much max with a five minute break before i'm truly baked. Obviously you dont have to have it that hot but i like to sweat and have a very busy schedule. Defo feel the benefits... less achey, better sleep. So their not cheap but i did a lot of research on the market... the panel affixed to the door, in the footwell and on the back of the legs defo gets you all round for max heat penetration. Also, their life time guarantee is a winner in my books. If your gonna use it at least 3 times a week then its defo a worthy investement...

Date of experience: February 13, 2024

Location: United Kingdom

Wendy S

Very nice professional experience with the people from sun stream saunas. I am loving my infrared sauna and quality is fantastic. Don’t let the the flat pack scare you as it was super straight forward.

Date of experience: May 19, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

William Smith

Had the sauna for about a year now and I love it. I use it atleast twice a week, some times more depending on shifts. It was easy to put together, looks great and hasn't given any issues since we got it. I would highly recommend.

Date of experience: June 21, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

Simon Britton

When I moved from USA to Europe I was looking for an alternative to a hot tub I had used for years. Not having the room I looked for an alternative and after much research I discovered Sun Stream Saunas. After a couple of emails back and fourth. I placed an order knowing that they were waiting for new stock to arrive. When the new stock arrived at the warehouse, I promptly paid the balance and my Sauna was shipped and arrived 7 days later. Service from my initial inquiry through install and use has been spot on. I highly recommend their product.

Date of experience: March 06, 2024

Location: Spain

Buying the Evolve 30 from Sunstream was the best decision I could have possibly made.
I wanted to have a sauna at home for the health benefits. First I looked into traditional saunas but after a few weeks of research I saw that it would not be easy to install considering that I had to do specific work on my electrical installation and I am not an electrician so this would come as added price on top. Then I started to consider infrared saunas for the ease of installation. However, there are so many on the market, ranging in cost from €2,000 to €10,000, it was difficult to figure out which was best. Then I made a criteria list: 1. Low EMF / Low RF (I don't want to be in my Sauna like in a microwave) 2. Natural wood essence 3. No toxic chemical solvents used The Sunstream Sauna range offered it all and more, for example you have the ability to remove the Bluetooth chip in the Sauna and make sure there's absolutely no RF generated by the Sauna. They offered wooden benches that allow you to lie down comfortably in the Sauna...

Date of experience : January 29, 2024

Location: Switzerland


Looks, feels and behaves like a premium product. It's now an important part of my weekly routines. I also want to mention that Russell was extremely helpful. Thanks Russell!

Date of experience: June 30, 2022

Location: United Kingdom

Sharon Buckley

Great product with excellent customer service. Had a small issue with the sauna but it was repaired promptly. Great company.

Date of experience: September 27, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

Dave UK

After much online research and reading a lot of marketing material from various companies, I purchased a Sun Stream Evolve Mini primarily owing to its small size. I have now been enjoying it for two years. I use it at least three times per week and it does exactly what the company promised. It heats up quickly to 65C and is equally good if not better than the traditional saunas I used at my gym. Best thing about the Evolve mini is that it fits in my bathroom right next to my shower and I can listen to my favourite music over the built in speakers whilst working up a sweat. It was easy to assemble and the components are quality made. If you are looking for a small infra red sauna that heats up to 65C I highly recommend the Evolve Mini.

Date of experience: August 24, 2023

Location: United Kingdom


Helpful and non-pushy. Sauna, the mini evolve, works great. I couldn't find many reviews online for the company or sauna, apart from two people on YouTube That's a shame as company was fine. The sauna has a turning on beep. Not loud, but It'd be useful to be able to disable in case of using it early morning or late at night

Date of experience: June 26, 2022

Location: United Kingdom


Good communication. Helpful advice. The sauna was as advertised. A lovely piece of work and easy to construct

Date of experience: May 13, 2024

Location: United Kingdom

Marsaili Macleod

I finally bought the Evolve 20 after months and months of research. I am so delighted with it. Sun Stream customer service was brilliant and the sauna itself is amazing. My only regret is not buying it sooner! It arrived well packaged and was easy enough to put together with the detailed instructions. It is excellent quality, very well built.

Date of experience: January 22, 2024

Location: United Kingdom


Loving my Sun Stream sauna! I use it regularly and am very happy with it. I find it takes a little longer than the 15 minutes stated to warm up but I like it hot! It's great to get in and relax my sore muscles after a workout, Thoroughly recommend sun stream.

Date of experience: February 26, 2024

Location: United Kingdom

why-choose-an-infrared-sauna versus a traditional sauna

Why choose an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna emits a band of light we perceive as heat. Infrared is not only safe but also highly beneficial to our bodies on a cellular level. Health professionals have used infrared heat lamps for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. The health benefits can include:

  • Relief from aches, muscle pain and arthritis
  • Fever therapy for colds and Flus
  • Improved immune system
  • Detoxification
  • Improved blood circulation and oxidation
  • Aids weight loss
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Cardiovascular health and improved blood pressure

About Us

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas originated in Canada in 1999 and is one of North America’s original infrared sauna brands. Sun Stream Saunas are available in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.

With over 20 years of sauna design and experience, Sun Stream Saunas is committed to providing you with the most effective, powerful and the safest infrared sauna experience possible, these are our top priorities.

Sun Stream have given careful consideration to all aspects of the sauna design and construction, including the sauna room sizing, heater sizing and heater placement to ensure that the maximum amount of infrared radiant heat is delivered directly to your body and not wasted.

Sun Stream has been a leader in the infrared sauna industry and was one of the first sauna companies to introduce the low EMF magnetic field heaters in 2010. In 2019 they have introduced the new Evolve EHS heater system which mitigates both EMF magnetic fields and EF/ELF electric fields to bring these to an all-new industry low.

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna are proud to be able to provide the best, healthiest and safest Infrared Sauna available in the UK and Europe, your pathway to better health.

Read more about Sun Stream Saunas UK & Europe here.


You can try a sauna from one of our multiple locations across the UK. At these locations you can either take a session in one of our saunas (keep the receipt and we will take it off the purchase price), or view one in person with the ability to see the build quality and feel the heat of the nano-carbon infrared panels.

More locations are being added all the time, so if there is not a location currently listed that is near you, please ask if there are any updates.

Not sure which sauna is right for you?

We know choosing a sauna can be a big decision, and something that can take a lot of time to research, that’s why we’re offering to do all the hard work for you.

Simply let us know which Sun Stream sauna you’re interested in and the competitor’s product you’d like to compare it against, and we’ll do our best to send you an impartial evaluation of the two models.

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