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Sun Stream Infrared Saunas originated in Canada in 1999 and is one of North America’s original infrared sauna brands. Sun Stream saunas are available in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.

With over 20 years of sauna design and experience, we are committed to providing you with the most effective, powerful and the safest infrared sauna experience possible.

Sun Stream have given careful consideration to all aspects of the sauna design and construction, including the sauna room sizing, heater sizing and heater placement to ensure that the maximum amount of infrared radiant heat is delivered directly to your body and not wasted.

We produced the industry first and exclusive saunas that have full and true 360° surround placement of heter panels, with industry leading lowest levels of EMF/ELF nano-carbon panels. This includes exclusive front door mounted heaters delivering a greater immersion in infrared radiant heat to your body which gives a true 360° infrared body coverage.

We are proud to be able to provide the best, healthiest and safest Infrared Sauna available in the UK and Europe, your pathway to better health.

Sun Stream Saunas UK & Europe

Sun Stream Saunas UK Ltd  distribute Sun Stream saunas in the United Kingdom and Europe. We are a family owned business who are passionate about assisting others with their health and wellness.

It is our hope that many people can experience an improved quality of life with less toxins and pain through the use of our infrared saunas.

One major benefit from sauna use is it can help reduce stress levels, so of course we want your experience with our company to be completely stress free. We will always provide an honest, fair and conscientious service to our customers, providing the same level of care and consideration that we would hope to receive ourselves.

We look forward to hearing your health and wellness stories. Happy sweating!

Russell & Lisa Hatcher

Sun Stream Saunas UK - Owners