Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy

In the event of shipping damage, we will as soon as possible, replace or fix the damage.

A. Goods Received with Visible Loss or Damage

If you can see there is visible damage or loss upon receipt of your order, please ensure this is noted on the delivery receipt and ensure the carrier’s driver signs it also. Please notify Sun Stream Saunas UK within 3 business days. Please also save all packaging for all boxes received.

B. Unseen Loss or Damage

Your shipment will in most cases consist of two to three large individual boxes per sauna ordered. Our carrier will unload this and deliver this to your door. In most cases a driver will not wait around while you open your boxes. Received boxes should be opened and inspected within 5 days of receipt. If damage or loss was not evident until you opened the package, please contacts us immediately and take photos of the damage. Please also save all packaging for all boxes received.

C. Refusing a Freight Shipment & Freight Carrier Fees

If the shipment is damaged and unusable, it may be necessary and more efficient to refuse the order/delivery. Call us please before refusing any shipment. If no one answers our phone, please refuse delivery.

Cancellation & Return Policy

Full refunds including shipping costs will be available for all goods with major faults/defects in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act.

If a purchase order is cancelled prior to dispatch a full refund can be made. Once products are shipped, cancellations are treated as returns as described below.

All returns and associated charges will be the responsibility of the customer,
unless there are major faults and defects. The goods will need to be returned fully packaged and in new or like new condition to be entitled to a refund.

Once returns are received, we will inspect to ensure goods are in new or like new condition. If they are, we will refund the purchase price less our original delivery cost, return freight cost (if paid by Sun Stream), less a 25% (of your purchase price) restocking fee.

If you refuse an item delivered for any reason other than damaged merchandise or a shipping error by us, the item shall be treated as a return and charges described above shall apply.


Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to email us with any comments.