Easy Assembly & Factory Tested

Easy Assembly

All Sun Stream saunas include an invisible fastening system where the panels simply slot together to create a solid connection. Installation is quick, easy and requires only a screwdriver to fix the handle to the door along with a couple of additional minor tasks. There are no special electrical requirements. Depending on the model purchased, installation can take anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes. Almost all of our customers install their saunas without an issue, however should you be unable to carry out this task due to age, health restrictions or the fact that you just can’t be bothered, please contact us for an installation quote.

Sun Stream Sauna Installation Manuals

Evolve Mini Assembly Video

Evolve 10 Assembly Video

Evolve 20 Assembly Video

Coming soon. In the meantime please take a look at the Evolve 10 assembly video which will be similar.

Evolve 30 Assembly Video

Feel the Ease

of assembly from customers’ Trustpilot reviews…


After doing some research on IR saunas I ended up choosing a SunStream Evolve 20. It was much better value than some of its competitors. The sales guys were very helpful with any questions I had and didn't push me into making a purchase. I wasn't sure whether to go for the mini the 10 or the 20, but I'm glad I went for the 20. I still use it as a one person sauna but its nice to have extra space if your budget allows for it and your room can accommodate it. Assembly was fairly straight forward but it is a two man job. I am using the sauna pretty much every day and the benefits to me are general relaxation and increased recovery from workouts. Once I turn on the power it is already pretty hot within 15 minutes and then I go in the sauna. I am sweating profusely after 10 minutes...

Date of experience: January 15, 2024

Location: United Kingdom 5

Nick Gurmin

Great communication - prompt, clear and always helpful. Managed to visit a local ‘Health and well-being Centre’ who had recently purchased the Evolve 20 - tried out the sauna and had a really helpful chat with the manager. Great experience and all positive. Installation was fine but definitely needed two people as some parts are quite heavy. Have been using it regularly now for a few weeks and really happy with everything.

Date of experience: June 19, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

Wendy S

Very nice professional experience with the people from sun stream saunas. I am loving my infrared sauna and quality is fantastic. Don’t let the the flat pack scare you as it was super straight forward.

Date of experience: May 19, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

William Smith

Had the sauna for about a year now and I love it. I use it atleast twice a week, some times more depending on shifts. It was easy to put together, looks great and hasn't given any issues since we got it. I would highly recommend.

Date of experience: June 21, 2023

Location: United Kingdom

Simon Britton

When I moved from USA to Europe I was looking for an alternative to a hot tub I had used for years. Not having the room I looked for an alternative and after much research I discovered Sun Stream Saunas. After a couple of emails back and fourth. I placed an order knowing that they were waiting for new stock to arrive. When the new stock arrived at the warehouse, I promptly paid the balance and my Sauna was shipped and arrived 7 days later. Service from my initial inquiry through install and use has been spot on. I highly recommend their product.

Date of experience: March 06, 2024

Location: Spain


Good communication. Helpful advice. The sauna was as advertised. A lovely piece of work and easy to construct

Date of experience: May 13, 2024

Location: United Kingdom

Marsaili Macleod

I finally bought the Evolve 20 after months and months of research. I am so delighted with it. Sun Stream customer service was brilliant and the sauna itself is amazing. My only regret is not buying it sooner! It arrived well packaged and was easy enough to put together with the detailed instructions. It is excellent quality, very well built.

Date of experience: January 22, 2024

Location: United Kingdom

Micheál Fitzpatrick

Best infra-red sauna on the market!

Sun Stream was great to deal with, my sauna arrived only after a week and was very easy to out together. Myself and my wife are now using the sauna all the time, which is great to clear the head after a poor night's sleep with 2 small boys 🙂 Finally, I can't believe the level of sweating I get after a 20 min session. Highly recommended!

Date of experience: March 01, 2024

Location: Ireland


We searched for a low EMF sauna with no chemicals in materials (such as particle boards or plywood). I'm really impressed with the quality of Sun Stream sauna which is good value for the money invested. The sauna was delivered from the UK to the Czech Republic without any problems within a couple of days. Also, the setup was very easy. Thanks for the great service!

Date of experience: August 24, 2023

Location: Czech Republic


Very clear advice from the outset. Delivery on time and easier to assemble than expected. The sauna itself is brilliant.

Date of experience: February 27, 2024

Location: United Kingdom


Fantastic experience with Sun Stream! We did a lot of research about infrared saunas before making our purchase and we are so glad we went with Sun Stream. The ordering process was easy and customer service throughout was spot on. Delivery and assembly was seamless. We have been using our sauna for over a year now and love it. We use it almost daily and it is a quality product, requires almost no maintenance and is very easy to use. Highly recommend Sun Stream Saunas!

Date of experience: February 26, 2024

Location: United Kingdom


Purchasd Evolve Mini sept 2022, been very impressed with ease of erection and build quality, very small footprint. Sauna in constant use by family with zero problems, warms up quickly and works as a sauna should highly recommended

Date of experience: September 26, 2022

Location: United Kingdom


Customer service is outstanding. They kept us fully informed of the delivery status and the sauna (Evolve 10) was delivered on the scheduled date. Russell went above and beyond to get it shipped to Ireland without any fuss to us. Assembly instructions were clear and it took about an hour to assemble, with the main difficutly being caused by a slightly uneven floor. The sauna looks superb and has been working almost ever day for the last 6 months without any issues whatsoever. Highly recommended

Date of experience: 01 March 2024

Location: Ireland

Vera B

Very pleased with the purchase of our Sun Stream infrared sauna. It is a well constructed quality product. The Evolve 10 model fits perfectly in the small space that we had available. Assembly is straightforward as per included instructions and online video. Although some of the wall panels are quite heavy, my husband and I put it together with no great difficulty. The whole process of unpacking, carrying the panels to an upstairs room and assembly took just over one hour. We are delighted with our purchase and now enjoying the benefits of the infrared sauna.

Date of experience: 30 August 2023

Location: United Kingdom

J Barker

Great service . Even had a reply from my email on a bank holiday. Extremely helpful. Had to wait 6 weeks for delivery as it was out of stock but kept up to date on delivery. The sauna is amazing . It heats up very quickly and I actually sweat which I have found very difficult in traditional saunas. Fitting was straightforward with very comprehensive instructions. Just be aware when carrying in the side panels that the glass decorative strips are not held in place once the packaging is removed and one of ours fell out and smashed. The company offered to replace it but it was on the side next to the wall so it can’t be seen anyway. I did a lot of research before buying this and I couldn’t be happier with my sauna. Been in nearly every night , love it !

Date of experience: 13 May 2024

Location: United Kingdom

Factory Tested

Due to our rigorous quality control processes, you can have complete confidence that when you purchase a sauna it will be functioning perfectly from the moment you turn it on!

All Sun Stream Infrared saunas are tested by our 3rd party independent quality control officers to make sure you can have complete peace of mind on the reliability of your sauna.

Kevin Halsey, Owner & director of Sun Stream saunas works closely with the factory to ensure that every sauna is designed, manufactured and delivered in perfect condition every time.

That means visiting the production sites personally from time to time to make certain that the quality control processes are functioning and that every unit is to the highest standard.

That’s why our reputation is so good in the market place and more importantly, why our customers are always happy.

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