Premium Materials & Build Quality

Sun Stream Saunas are manufactured with Premium materials to create the healthiest, safest and best Infrared Sauna Australia has to offer!



With the exception of the Mini which is built entirely of premium grade Hemlock all Sun Stream Evolve and Supreme far infrared sauna models are built entirely of premium grade Hardwood Basswood. NO Plywood, 100% Basswood. Many brands will advertise saunas as a Red Cedar or Basswood sauna, but will use a less expensive softwood for the internal frame. Our saunas are 100% premium grade Basswood for the entire sauna.

Quality Safe Timber

Basswood is a light coloured, strong, dense and stable hardwood, when manufactured into saunas the result is a beautiful smooth finish with a bright clean look. This makes it an excellent choice for Sauna construction. It is commonly used to manufacture window blinds, guitar bodies and historically food utensils, food containers, childrens toys and beehives since it does not leech anything into honey.


Unlike Cedar which can cause respiratory irritation. Basswood is the perfect choice for people who have sensitive skin or allergies and cannot tolerate aromatic oils, perfumes, shampoo or herbs. Therefore, saunas made from Basswood can result in a comfortable and refreshing experience for those who are sensitive.

Split Resistant & Greater Sweat Stain Resistance

One of the most important considerations is a wood’s ability to resist splitting when repeatedly heated and cooled. Basswood has a naturally strong resistance to warping and splitting due to its dimensional stability once dried, plus the added bonus of being sweat stain resistant.

Decay Resistant

Basswood contains extractives that are anti-fungi to prevent decay.

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Our Sun Stream Mini is built entirely from premium grade Hemlock. NO Plywood, 100% Hemlock. Compared to Basswood, Hemlock is a softer timber. However, a Hemlock Sauna will perform just as well as a Basswood Sauna and will last for many years if cared for properly. To this day, it is still a popular choice when purchasing a sauna and is used globally in the sauna industry.

Popular Choice

Canadian, BC Hemlock wood, also called Hemlock Spruce, is an exceptional lumber from the coniferous trees. As the most plentiful tree species on the coast of British Columbia, Hemlock is used in doors, windows, staircases, cabinets, mouldings, spindles and panelling. Hemlock wood is known for its even density & stability with little tendency to cup, check or twist. This combination of stability and smoothness has also made Hemlock a favourite wood for the construction of saunas.


Hemlock is excellent for people who have wood allergies – it has no characteristic odour and no resin.

Colour / Appearance

Heartwood is light reddish brown. Sapwood may be slightly lighter in colour but usually isn’t distinguished from the heartwood. The conspicuous growth rings can exhibit interesting grain patterns on flat sawn surfaces. Grain is generally straight, but may be interlocked or spiralled.


'Titebond' Made in USA Food Safe Glue

Aside from a small handful of custom made saunas, all infrared saunas in Australia are made with wood glues. Customers often ask, “Is the glue used in your saunas non – toxic?”

We are proud to say that all Sun Stream infrared saunas are constructed with Made in USA ‘Titebond’ water based glues, which are approved for contact with food.


Water Based Exterior Lacquer

Most infrared sauna brands use a high gloss oil based lacquer on the exterior of their saunas that may off gas harmful VOCs.

Sun Stream uses a low sheen healthy water based lacquer. Our low sheen lacquer protects the exterior wood of your sauna while retaining a beautiful natural appearance.


High Power 45 Watt LED Colour Light Therapy

Operated by remote control, the Sun Stream Evolve saunas feature our significantly more powerful colour light therapy verse our competitors very low wattage alternatives. Experience the difference!


LCD Control Panel with Adjustable Infrared Intensity

Adjust the settings to your liking from inside the sauna as your session progresses. Utilise our unique Adjustable Infrared Intensity feature which allows the user to adjust the Intensity for different purposes and personal needs.

  • 100% Full sauna sweating experience
  • 75% Hot yoga, Athletic stretching, Injury treatment
  • 50% Elderly & health challenged individuals

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Connect your mobile device in an instant to enjoy your favourite music on demand! Concerned about RF radiation? Easily remove the Bluetooth Module from the Audio Circuit board & connect a 3.5mm Audio Cord to the device of your choice to reduce any possible RF radiation in the sauna.


Kenwood Speakers

2 x Premium 2 way Kenwood speakers are installed to truly enhance your sauna experience!