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Do Infrared Saunas Activate Heat Shock Proteins?

Massive health benefits without the stress… do infrared saunas activate heat shock proteins?

Heat Shock Proteins come with a ton of health benefits… but at a cost. Activating these proteins takes real stress, either through long heat exposure, intense exercise or even more dangerous methods like water deprivation!

But infrared saunas come with the promise of heat shock proteins in a comfortable setting… that’s surely too good to be true right?

Do Infrared Saunas Activate Heat Shock Proteins

The short answer is yes, infrared saunas absolutely can activate heat shock proteins and deliver a number of health benefits

Research into the topic is ongoing, but the most recent study by Richard Beever in the Can Fam Physician journal found a significant increase in HSP72 levels after sauna treatment, further supporting the hypothesis that infrared saunas can activate HSPs.

But how exactly do infrared saunas activate heat shock proteins and what exactly does that mean?

What Are Heat Shock Proteins?

Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a family of proteins that are produced by cells in response to exposure to stressful conditions. 

They were first observed in relation to heat shock, but it is now understood that they can be induced by various types of environmental and physiological stresses, such as infection, inflammation, exposure to toxins, starvation, hypoxia (low oxygen levels), and water deprivation.

These HSPs perform a number of important functions in the body:

Chaperone Function: They assist in the proper folding and refolding of proteins, preventing misfolding and aggregation that could lead to cellular damage or disease.

Protection and Repair: By stabilising proteins and repairing misfolded proteins, they protect cells from heat stress and other types of damage.

Anti-apoptotic Properties: Some heat shock proteins can help protect cells from programmed cell death (apoptosis), which is often triggered by severe stress or damage.

As Cell Biologist Dr Rhonda Patrick says: “they help proteins inside of your cells keep their three dimensional structure… because when they become destructured they tend to aggregate in dangerous places like the brain.”

Heat Shock proteins fron Infrared sauna use

How Do Infrared Saunas Activate Heat Shock Proteins?

Heat shock proteins are activated once the internal temperature of the body rises above 42-45° C. A traditional sauna or hot bath will need to raise the ambient temperature to as high as 90° C to activate the HSP’s.

But the way infrared saunas work is that they penetrate the skin directly via far-infrared wavelengths. This means that they can achieve the same HSP activation at much lower temperatures.

Benefits of Activating Heat Shock Proteins

Activating heat-shock proteins (HSPs) by using a sauna offers numerous health and wellness benefits, though it may take some time to see these effects. Here’s a closer look at the significant perks of engaging HSPs through regular sauna sessions:

Cellular Repair and Purification

HSPs play a crucial role in mending damaged proteins and expelling harmful substances from the body, enhancing cellular cleanliness and potentially minimising the risk of chronic diseases. 

Improved Muscle Recovery

By promoting protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown, HSPs aid in muscle development, safeguard muscle fibres against stress and damage from exercise, and speed up muscle recovery post-exercise. 

Better Heart Health

HSPs bolster cardiovascular health by safeguarding against damage from ischemia-reperfusion, diminishing inflammation, improving the function of blood vessels, and preventing the development of atherosclerosis. 

The cardiovascular system is further stimulated by infrared sauna use, mirroring the effects of light to moderate exercise and promoting heart health.

Immune System Strengthening

The function of HSPs in boosting the immune system includes helping in antigen presentation, aiding the maturation of dendritic cells, modulating cytokine production, and activating natural killer cells, which are essential for a strong and efficient immune response. 

Regular infrared sauna use can fortify the immune system by inducing an artificial fever response.

Why Choose Infrared Saunas Over Other Methods To Activate Heat Shock Proteins?

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Infrared saunas certainly aren’t the only way to activate heat shock proteins… but it may be the most pleasant. Traditional saunas, hot baths and strenuous exercise are all viable options.

But because infrared saunas can raise your internal temperatures directly, they can operate at much lower (more bearable) temperatures. This makes a longer session in an infrared sauna much more comfortable than a traditional sauna or heavy exercise session.

In fact, we have dozens of reviews from happy customers talking about just how much they love sitting in our infrared saunas. 

Final Thoughts

While there are a number of ways to achieve the incredible benefits of activating heat shock proteins, Infrared saunas not only work, but are probably the best. Our infrared saunas are super comfortable and easy to set up, no plumbers or electricians required. So, not only do infrared saunas activate heat shock proteins, but Sunstream does it in the most enjoyable way possible… don’t believe us? Try it yourself!