What Is A Sauna Hat? (Purpose and Benefits)

When it comes to apparel in an infrared sauna, you really don’t need to wear that much. Some basic swimwear is pretty much all you need. But one item that we definitely do recommend is a sauna hat.

While these hats can look a little bit silly, the reality is there are a ton of benefits to wearing one in your next session.

Read on to find out what a sauna hat is, what the benefits are and other expert tips we recommend when using these hats during your infrared sauna sessions.

What Is A Sauna Hat?

Sauna hats are, as the name suggests, a hat meant to be worn in a sauna. They were traditionally made from materials like wool, felt or straw and are designed to protect your scalp from the intense heat of a sauna.

These days, most sauna hats are made of wool, which provide good insulation and comfort for the wearer.

Person wearing a sauna hat in a Sun Stream Infrared Sauna

Benefits Of Wearing A Sauna Hat

Despite their appearance, sauna hats are genuinely very useful for regular sauna users, both infrared and traditional. Their benefits include:

Reduced Risk of Heat Stroke

The most important benefit of a sauna hat is the effect on your safety. While an infrared sauna is a relaxing experience for most, some people can really struggle with the heat and even put themselves at risk of heat stroke.

Wearing a sauna hat can be very helpful in keeping you cool and subsequently protecting you from potential heat stroke.

Prolonged Session Time

As mentioned previously, some people struggle with the heat more than others. Once a person begins to feel the heat in their head, they likely won’t last in the sauna for much longer.

Wearing a sauna hat will keep your head cool which can help you stay in your sauna for longer and reap the benefits of doing so. Just remember that even experienced users shouldn’t stay in an infrared sauna for more than an hour.

Thermal Insulation

The reason most sauna hats are made from materials like wool is because of their insulating properties. By insulating your head from the heat of the sauna, it allows your body to maintain a more consistent temperature.


Not only can an overheating head lead to more serious issues like heat stroke, it can also mean that your time in the sauna is miserable and uncomfortable.

Keeping your head cool can allow you to feel more relaxed and enjoy your experience far greater.

Skin Protection

The skin on your scalp is actually very sensitive and it’s not unheard of for people to suffer from excessive dryness and even mild burns. Wearing a sauna hat can help protect your scalp from any such skin issues.

Does Sauna Heat Damage Your Hair?

Yes, it is possible for your hair to be damaged in a sauna. While it isn’t anything too serious, it can lead to your hair becoming overly dry, brittle and full of split ends. That’s because the heat in the sauna can strip away the natural oils in your hair that protect them.

However, with a sauna hat, you would not have any reason to worry about your hair as your head will be well protected from the heat.

Sun Stream Saunas - sauna hat

Keep Your Sauna Hat Clean

Sitting in a sauna will naturally make you sweat and doing this regularly will eventually leave your sauna hat in desperate need of a clean. It’s important to check any instructions your hat has to ensure the best way to wash it, though most are machine washable.

What Else To Wear In A Sauna?

While we certainly encourage you to wear a sauna hat while relaxing in your infrared sauna, we wouldn’t really recommend you wear much else. The most you really need is a bathing suit and perhaps a towel.

You want to avoid any jewellery or metal that is capable of getting very hot and potentially leaving you with burns.


Sauna hats may look silly, but the truth is they can be a very valuable investment for sauna users. They come with a host of benefits and will certainly enhance your experience regardless of the type of sauna you choose to use.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to explore the option of owning your own infrared sauna, get in touch with us today!